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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a complicated prisoner swap, the high price they paid for a single captured soldier. the ktvu channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news morning news. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark let's check your weather and traffic
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here is steve. we have low clouds and fog though not strong enough to make it inland it will be cooler for many, still some lower 80s well away from the coast and 70s around the bay. more of a westerly breeze, here is sal. marin county looks good heading south with no major problems on the rip month bridge -- richmond bridge, a little bit of fog may make it difficult to drive in southern marin county. there was a gang fight inside richmond city hall and here is more on why the police are having trouble getting answers even though they solved this, good morning paul. >> reporter: that alleged brawl happened at city hall last friday and it happened dealing with known gang members and a
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city run utah facility here. according to publicked results -- published results, they were paid gang members to serve as they did for the group's end empowerment community program. things got tense when rival gang members showed up at the same time. they began throwing dishes and furniture in offices above council chambers. it is reported there were several 911 calls to police and once officers arrived they found so much blood they had to call their crime scene investigators. it is believed people were seriously her the suffering from broken nose, nobody is willing to come forward to help police so they are not able to do their jobs because nobody involved in this melee including the people who are
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city employees are not willing to step up and speak up but they are hoping somebody opens their mouths, ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, police are searching for the gunman in an overnight shooting in san jose. they were -- san jose. they found an 18-year-old man who had been shot and the victim was taken to a local hospital where he had later died. police are not releasing his name until family members are notified. still no information about a suspect or motive. they reportedly identified the man for last weekend's deadly shooting in san jose. alley colby rasmus is here to tell us that subject may already be dead. >> reporter: they are not officially releasing the name of the suspect they are looking for the suspect believed to
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have killed ta uksn. sources told us that ruiz and he had argued and it happened at this oak hill cemetery where martin tausan was attending. this photo from the san jose mercury news shows a crowd looking at the ground in the moments martin tausan fell. they are hampering the investigation and ruiz the suspected shooter was nowhere to to be found. police are still looking for him and it's possible other hells angels took him away. they spoke to him days before he was shot and in that interview he condemned the
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violence and talked about his friend who is funeral he was attending. >> he was a fantastic hells angel and fantastic friend. >> reporter: but again, san jose police are looking for the man suspected of shooting and killing martin tausan and they have a press conference to talk about that shooting and other violence that has happened in the city, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now is 6:05 when he was traded for hundreds of palestinians prisoners. he was captive in gaza for more than five years. 477 palestinians prisoners were freed and 550 more will be set free two months from now. we will have a live report on
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how the israeli prime minister trade is affected this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton is the highest ranking official to go to libya since the uprising of muammar gaddafi began in february. secretary clinton is pledging aid and she is also meeting with libya's national council. president barack obama is continuing his bus tour through virginia. the president will start a round table discussion at a community college in north carolina. yesterday the president criticized him for blocking areas of the job's bill and he is now calling on congress to look at parts of his job's bill individually. >> we will give them another chance to look at the jobs and
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this week i am asking members of the congress to vote -- we will break up the job's bill maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. >> the republicans are criticizing his bus tour foree reelection bid. later today san jose police will talk about the recent police shootings. there have been six officer involved shootings this year and that's the highest amount since 2004. the latest was at the parkside terrace apartments. there have been 35 so far this year and last year there were 20. in palo alto a controversial plan to remove trees will be the focus of a community meeting tonight. several trees will be cut down according to the daily news and neighbors have been kept in the
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damage and are call for the meeting. that meeting begins at the friend's meeting all on colorado avenue. >> i know you are watching the toll plaza. >> we are, this is the time when it starts to change and right now we are looking at it and if you pay attention, the next time when we only have traffic reports once every ten minutes or is sometimes less than that, things start to change. look at it here if you are going to get there in the next five minutes it is okay. fog is looking thick at the southern end of marin county and if you are driving, traffic is thick and we have a collision reported on highway 4, brand-new collision westbound highway 4 on summersville road, also watch
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for a stalled vehicle at willow road. good morning to you all sea breeze returning and even inland attempts and it will not be as warm as yesterday. it was a record high of 84 degrees although i should add the thermometer has been wacky lately. hopefully it is calibrated. this system is falling apart and that will provide a lot of strength for this cooling. now the system is inching closer and there is not going to be much left by the time it arrives. it will give us a cool down today. now a drop here and in the city i just looked, they are 56 so
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they dropped and that's huge, a big drop in one hour. if you are in the city you can always tweet me and let me know if you have a pretty good sea breeze. upper 40s and lower 50s still some 60s holding on. west at 7, fs o, it looked like an easterly breeze and it looks good and it is heading north but it is lifting up that fog and that will give us a cool down. a little bit today some more tomorrow, it will still be mild to warm but it will be cooler for many 70s and 80s, 81 danville, 68 alameda, 62 oakland, some very low 80s down to about 5 for many, 77 red
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wood city annandalely -- and daily city in pacifica it looks like warmer weather is coming in for the week. take a look at this, this is what you call a giant dust storm. this is love vet texas. the sky is dark. traffic came to a halt. they had wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, knocking down trees and power lines on top of the dust storm. luckily no injuries have been reported. they are telling us not to vote for ed leyland as mayor. occupied protesters are being told they have to remove their tents. our morning news team has a facebook page, we are all logged in waiting to hear from
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only at denny's.
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. in seattle, occupied protesters are no longer allowed to camp out at the downtown park. police removed the activists yesterday morning and he said he supports the right to
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protest but says city recalls must be followed and there is no camping in that park and all but 150 tents have been taken down. occupied protest in new york city is considering and we will take you live where people are camping out there. coming up we will go to kraig debro for the occupied san francisco protest -- san francisco protest today. it's not clear whether the 30,000 forces still in iraq are preparing to leave but negotiations are underway with the iraqi government to leave 3 5,000 troops as part of a limited training point. iraqis are refusing the grant to any u.s. forces beyond 2011. a captured soldier reunited
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after being with palestinians for five years. israel had to make along sided deal to get that soldier out, allison? >> reporter: dave, that's right, israel agreed to release more than 1,000 palestinians to secure the release of israeli soldier. here is the soldier who had been in hamas captivity for five years. he was apparently healthy and said he hoped the deal with bring israelis piece and he said it was one of the most difficult decisions he had to make. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he killed and murdered... but also i knew that in the -- under the current order, this
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is the best deal we can get. >> about half are being released from israeli jails and the other half will be released at the end of the year. pass stipulationians, -- pal -- there will be consequences for those who return to violence, allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. the state assembly woman has launched a phone campaign against leyland. she paid $600 out of her own pocket to sends more than 4,000 row bow calls tell them to vote for anybody but leyland for mayor. it dates back between the senators last year and that's when she was running office of communication but they booked
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sarah palin to speak and they looked at how much he was paying for her speech. three men are scheduled to be in court today. 46-year-old santiago's body was dumped on the side of the road. it appears santiago was not involved with the grow operation. the arrangement is scheduled and they will face murder and cultivation charges. an oakland daycare is under investigation following the death of a five months old baby boy. ask jessica smith dropped off her baby saying her son had -- she later got a call saying her son had stopped breathing. he was brought to the hospital but it was too late, the boy
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died at the daycare center. smith has this message for parents. >> be more careful who you let watch your children, be more selective and be more thorough and do your own background checks. >> smith said the coroner is still investigating but is saying it may have been infant syndrome. she said they put her son on his stomach and american speed a yacht trick -- pediatrics said to put them on their backs. they are still investigating. right now we are looking at traffic doing well in many areas but it is also getting slower in places like the bay bridge. let's look at highway 4. pardon me. westbound highway 4, that traffic is getting busier, it is not affecting freeway
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traffic as much. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is backed up for about a 15 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. if you are driving in the east bay, interstate 880 is looking good here on 880 from hayward city to fremont and if you are coming in from livermore 580 is slow on the pass. temperatures are dropping along the coast and bayside and inland it will be warm, there is a westerly or northwesterly breeze, two hours ago it was three so it is really picking up. still a few upper 60s, san francisco went from 61 to 56 in one hour and that's a huge drop. north, northwest 6 at oakland airport and the low that is
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spinning will start to move in and that will cool us down and pick up the fog. warm well inland and for some it will be in the 60s and for others 70s a good drop. wednesday into thursday and friday we start to turn things around a little bit and with your weekend always in view, it will be warmer. shows confirms bay area stores to be shut down in the west and they are the two california locations affected. lowe's needs to focus on more profitable locations and in all 200 jobs will be lost. yahoo after the close -- yahoo, they could shed some light on
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why they fired carol bart last month. the numbers are impressive. in alaska, look what they found in the produce aisle. >> he is pretty cute though. >> we have the latest push to make muny free. good morning traffic is getting busier, coming up, we will tell you where the troubled spots are.
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. good morning traffic is going to be busy at the bay bridge nevertheless you are seeing a slow down slightly crowded on the way to the city. time now 6:25, the board of supervisors will talk about the issue of free youth muny passes. they are calling on the school district to help pay the cost of this however the transportation agency faces a $23 million budget deficit. muny bus passes are up from $10 two years ago. oakland police are
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responding to a bold theft that was caught on tape. it happened yes, sir morning. now the thief grabbed a chain and raced out the store. the surveillance picture took a clear picture of the crime in progress but the owner said the police never came by to investigate despite his repeated calls. >> they don't have time for something i guess you could call it minor, to me it is not minor so it is a bill loss for us. >> officers were responded at the time of the theft including a shooting and robbery however jordan still promises to investigate. a deadly salmon virus has been found in the pacific northwest and it is called salmon a people why.
6:27 am
-- anemia. while we are told it does not affect humans, it is having a drastic impact on salmon. researchers say it could have a devastating affect on the food chains. a small bear cub climbed on top of the produce and a customer grabbed him and took him outside. no mother bear was seen in that area and animal experts say it is unusual to see a bear cub this time of the year. they believe the bear got in through the automatic doors. it has now been 13 months since the pipeline in san bruno, how it led to a late night session on capitol hill.
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and we are with members who will march today and why. also take a look at all the early stock numbers for you.
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. homeland security ringing the bell on the nasdaq this morning, a lot of stocks watched a lot of things that could affect the market and we have disappointing economic news in china and that's taking stocks down in asia. bank of america posed a big profit following citibank and wells fargo, some people are not excited about it but we will see how it affects wall
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street. we will smile and say good morning, it is tuesday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook time now 6:30. kraig debro is in san francisco now to tell us at the plaza, the occupied protesters planned a rally to talk about the police raids on their camp, david? >> reporter: they have defied the order and fear confrontation and so far it has not materialized. at least for which it's not for sanitation reasons and he said he is happy to have the people cleaning up behind themselves in this month long protest. they will be marching a different subject and as you
6:32 am
mentioned, police are obligated to remove pedestrians from the road out of safety concerns. protesters say remove is one thing beat is another. one protester showed us the bruises he received from police. >> i love those guys, and they are just doing their jobs. >> reporter: they marched up to market street and mission and today they will go to city hall. they will ask politicians to back off and let them have their first amendment rights. he asked for support and also said it was important for the sidewalks to remain safe and accessible. >> we will be giving a notice, reissuing the first amendment activities the police
6:33 am
department is a mening and talk about how it could result in law enforcement action. >> civil disobedience, blocking traffic is the most common act and when it happens, police have moved in after giving certain warnings. if you take a look at alive fixture you can see people are starting to wake up. many of you have seen people out at 101 market street. we'll are still out. also here we will talk to them and get more comment on what they expect to happen today. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay in oakland, occupied activists received a show of public support from the uc berkeley graduates. they spoke at the occupied camp
6:34 am
outside city hall. the group called them an inspiration. >> i am still learning a lot about what is going on here but some of the things i have heard are inspiring and exiting. i want to see what is next. >> they are currently on a hunger strike and those miss they ares are protesting long- term solitary confinement. they are continuing coverage of the occupied protest movement just look for the link on paul chambers is at the scene with why police are having trouble gathering information despite many witnesses, paul? >> reporter: good morning pam, that's right police are having a problem investigating because knob nobody will come forward
6:35 am
and tell them what happened. according to published reports which is a citigroup were pagan members for service they did for the group's member program. things got tense when rival gang members showed up at the same time. they were throwing dishes and other things and there were several 911 calls to police and once officers arrived they found so much blood they had to call their crime scene cleaners which is a group that respond to homicides. some were suffering from broken noses and head injuries but nobody is willing to come forward or help them. nobody involved including workers from o nc they are
6:36 am
hoping you can speak up and let them know what happened exactly. time now 6:35 well the law enforcement task force is searching for the men who took over robberies, these are the latest target, on sunday the masked men pointed guns at the clerk and stole money from the cash rugsster before running away. over the past few weeks, there have been a dozen similar robberies in walnut creek concord and hollywood. >> it is a little upsetting. we do have surveillance individuals yeses making it hard to identify them. the fbi is also involved in
6:37 am
this investigation. the iowa republican party has officially moved the nominating cawks to january 3rd and nevada and florida moved theirs. the party decided to change the date. iowa moved its caucus to january 3 -- from january 3rd to january 8th. they will gather for a debate in las vegas but john hundred man is negotiating after they pushed the contest ahead of new hampshire's primary. herman cane may find himself a target because he has been rising in the polls and is nearly tied with mitt romney with the lead and rick perry is now a distant third. the measure stems from a
6:38 am
series of recent accidents across the country including last year's deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. it would boost fines, increase the number of federal safety inspectors and reportedly putting new shut off valves on gasoline. the house is now debating a similar bill. 22 years after the he can kuwait, a lot needs to be done. we will hear from ed lee about the targeting forefoot trough fitting. -- for retrofitting. well we have some slow downs pam, easy for me to say slow downs if you are driving to the bridges for example and let's look at 237, we have some slow traffic getting into the
6:39 am
valley, we are beginning to get the valley slow downs. if you are driving on oakland on interstate 880 that is a nice looking drive. there is a spot where you will be waiting for 20 minutes before you make it onto the bridge, 6:38 let's go to steve. it will be noticeably cooler coast and bay. some of that lower cloud kick, still some warm air a lot of in the inland areas and we will still get -- aloft in the inland areas, sunny and cooler and breezy as well and that wind is picking up especially towards fs o. fog will be on the increase tomorrow will cool off and the weekend looks quiet and warmer. next week is looking warmer if
6:40 am
our 10 day is correct. sea breeze today and that return is already showing itself and there was nothing but cooler coast and bay temperatures are coming down a good 15 degrees compared to yesterday. cooler and breezy for all tomorrow, maybe some drizzle and the city as i said yesterday it was 83 and 66 at noon we will start to cooling trends and there is too much in the west wind department. clouds are being picked up at the far left and iel show you that in a second. a few upper 40s 51 and 61 in hayward. that is a big drop in temperatures and west at 14 at fs o and oakland has an east wind so everything is turning around because of this system right there. it does not look like much at all but the result is a cooler
6:41 am
air mass instead of that easterly breeze. it looks like we can get a two day cool down and we will tart to -- start to warm up. 60s and 70s and 80s and 60s for many or 70s in areas that were in the 80s yesterday. 79 yesterday, fremont 77, a lot of 60s on the coast, 70s in south san francisco no games, san mateo, cooler wednesday into friday and high pressure comes back and warmer weather as we go into the weekend. what the u.s. reportedly is doing about the battle against libya. and killing a hells angels man at a funeral, coming up
6:42 am
what police think happened to that suspected shooter. we will tell you where the troubled spots are coming up.
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welcome back, occupied activists had a 10:00 p.m. deadline to get out which came and has gone. police could come at any time to force them out. a rally is scheduled outside san francisco city hall. richmond police are investigating a gang fight inside city hall which turned into a bloody brawl but the police are saying they are having trouble getting information because nobody including city employees were willing to come forward talk about what happened. an israeli shoulder was freed and in being change for his release they were willing to let go 1,000 palestinians prisoners . libyan air defense system reportedly there were discussions just before the
6:46 am
american led air strikes began in march against muammar gaddafi's military targets. the goal would have been to launch a cyber offensive to disrupt the air defense system and in the end they decided not to carry out the plan fearing it might set a dangerous precedent. there are some changes and if you are a cal train rider, these are live pictures from a temporary station now being used, we have the grade sidney and this is on huntington avenue. that temporary steaks will be used for a $100,000 construction project. it will he will evaluate and make it safer for pedestrians and motorists and they have
6:47 am
identified the man responsible for the deadly shooting at a hells angels funeral in san jose. joining us with more here is allie rasmus. >> reporter: when this funeral was taking place on saturday, police were concerned there could be some violence so when it was going on they were standing guard outside the oak hill cemetery when the shooting happened inside this cemetery. it shows people gathered around looking down in the moments after steven martin tausan was shot and killed. steven martin tausan and the other people were attending the funeral of pet grew. he was a member of the hells angels and when they went in the suspects were nowhere to be
6:48 am
found and they were hindering our investigation. the san jose says he is steven joseph ruiz and they are still looking for him and it is possible other hells angels members may have taken him away. they talked last week about the funeral he was planning and again san jose police are looking for the suspected shooter identified as steven joseph ruiz and they have scheduled a press conference to talk about this shooting as the other violence happened, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. 22 years after the quake in san francisco, they are looking at how to make some buildings safer.
6:49 am
the 6.9 magnitude quake triggered a lot of fires an estimated 6 billion loll horse. they told ktvu channel 2 news wooden framed multiple story buildings are at risk the next time a big quake hits. >> we are about to release that report in the next few weeks, leaning towards potentially in my administration, a mandatory retrofit. >> now many of the targeted buildings will be fitted for the retrofitting project. sal? pam, dave things are much busier, if you are driving to any of the bridges give yourself time. in the south bane north bane,
6:50 am
it is backed up and as you drive passed 880 it is still slowed on the lawrence expressway hitting north. we have a 20 minute delay and if you are driving on the commute in livermore 580 is slowed and again we move the map to the south bay, 580 is not all that bad if you are on 85 in the southern part of san jose. >> let's go to steve . thank you kindly, a good morning to you all. they are wrapping back around and it is mainly the lower clouds. yesterday that east wind came in and we were rocking it up. oakland airport was 84. see it slipping by? really it is the fog, temperatures in san francisco
6:51 am
and oakland both dropped in the last hour three to five degrees and that's significant. san jose sitting at 60s and 51 in napa and holding on in the valley or the delta. now it is a west wind, 40 miles per hour and it is a cooler direction, 87 in santa rosa and san jose winds are starting to pick up, it has been sitting there for a week, hanging around and that's allowing it to move. maybe it will not do anything on the rain department but we have low clouds lifting and they were wiped out yesterday so some morning fog returns, patchy drizzle sunny breezy
6:52 am
still warm to mild inland so we get more inland and that means 70s to 80s. 81 concord 68 berkeley alameda 67 presentton 80, morgan hill gilroy down 3 to 5 from yesterday, 78 santa clara 78 palo alto, 60s on the coast and santa cruz low this morning. >> a lot of fog down there this morning. friday, high pressure says i will be back and it looks sunny and warmer. apple will announce closings and it will not be announced in the earnings report. the new phone did not go on
6:53 am
sale until last week but it is estimated they sold million phones in -- 4 million phones in just three days. checking on worries overseas, worries about the debt in europe and a report out of china, here is a look at dow jones industrial average down 325 and disappointing earnings as i mentioned goldman sachs reports of $328 million loss. >> we have not hit halloween but holiday shopping is officially underway at wal- mart. people buying toys can choose to pay it off in mid-december, items do have to be more than $15 and there is a $5 charge for the service. >> you are ready to shop,
6:54 am
aren't you? >> i shop all year long. >> i know. a woman from hay ward, how she is span -- haywood how she is planning on spending her $2 million prize.
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back to the morning
6:57 am
news, an environmental group said they are being exposed to high levels of led at several park attractions and a group wants a court to post health warnings. disney said they do have adequate warnings as required by state law. she is $2 million richer, tooking about the winner of the set for life scratcher game. she bought the ticket in san lorenzo. she will get $100,000 for the next 20 years every year and she will help pay the bills and her her children. -- help her children. traffic for mornings on 2, it is getting a lot busier, you can see it is already crowding up, bay bridge toll plaza slows and that backup is 20 minutes
6:58 am
and crowded on the bridge, let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds more of a westerly breeze, well inland out towards venetia, 60s and 70s in santa rosa and san jose. an ugly brawl at city hall why richmond police are having a tough time. >> coming up in san francisco, stay with us, we are out there live.
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